Retail Products

Looking for the right pair of comfortable shoes, we have them. We have the collection of Spenco sandals and shoes that  offer the best footwear to ease the symptoms of the most common foot ailments. Women"s collection and Men's collection available. 

Also have replacement insoles, huge upgrade to normal shoe liners. They increase performance and stability, offer lasting comfort and help relieve foot pain. 

*Stability Total Support Insoles

*Cushioning Polysorb Insoles & Gel Insoles

*Specialty Ironman Race & Train Insoles, GRF for basketball

*Professional Quickorthotics Insoles & Medics 



New product of quality compression hosiery and socks. Thermafirm therapeutic gradient compression hosiery delivers a controlled amount of pressure greatest at the ankle and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking to promote better blood flow, assist in preventing swelling and provide relief for tired, achy legs.

*Ease collection knee high, trouser socks, open toe waist height

*Core Sport socks, compression arm sleeve and leg sleeve

*Preggers Maternity pantyhose and tights


The “new” Apex delivers the same industry-leading construction, the finest materials and exceptional comfort that customers have come to expect, coupled with a fresh and exhilarating focus on style that our customers absolutely love. Apex promises to help you look and feel your best from heel to toe. Helps if you have a Diabetic condition or foot pains.

*Men's and Women's Athletic shoes

*Walking   *Dress/Casual  * Ambulator   *Stretchable Fabric